Worse Things Happen at Sea!: A Tale of Pirates, Poison, and Monsters

R 50.00

The kooky residents of Ratbridge are clamoring for the miracle medicine Black Jollop, but a shortage calls for action.

The Nautical Laundry, the famed rat-pirate vessel, must journey afar to gather the medicine’s secret ingredient.

But things aren’t what they seem…and soon the ship is under attack. Can young Arthur and his Ratbridge friends triumph and return with the cure for the towns ills?

Illustrated throughout with hundreds of detailed and delightful black-and-white drawings, this imaginative novel will captivate young sea-faring scallywags and brave buccaneers who love a daring, humorous, and extraordinary adventure.



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Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780689870491Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction Tags: Children's Fiction, pirates
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