Gallagher Girls #2: Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

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There I was: Cammie the Chameleon--the Gallagher Girl who had risked the most sacred sisterhood in the history of espionage.

For a boy.

But I was through with lying. And sneaking around. I was going to be...myself.

Despite Cammie's best intentions to be a normal student, danger seems to follow her.

Cammie and her friends must clear her name by discovering the truth about some mysterious guests...but this time the stakes for Cammie's heart - and her beloved school - are even higher.

12 - 17 Years

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Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Orchard Books ISBN: 9781408346174Categories: Bestsellers, Young Adult Fiction Tags: Action & Suspense, ally carter, Bestsellers, espionage, spies, Young Adult Fiction
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