The Way Past Winter

R 125.00

Mila, her sisters, and her brother, Oskar, live in a small forest cabin, surviving in a world gripped by frost and snow.

One night, a fur-clad stranger arrives seeking shelter for himself and his men. But by the next morning, they’ve gone – taking Oskar with them. Fearful for his safety, Mila and her sisters set out to bring Oskar back – even if it means going north, crossing frozen wild-lands to find a way past an eternal winter.

The Way Past Winter is a riveting adventure about magic, an eternal winter, and one girl's unbreakable determination to reunite her family.

10 - 15 years


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 10

Publisher: CHRONICLE BOOKS ISBN: 9781911077930Categories: Inspirational, Tweens Fiction, Young Adult Fiction Tags: family, Inspirational, love, Tweens Fiction, winter, Young Adult Fiction
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